AREAS OF WORKWhat makes us different from others is our unique approach to legal interpretation


Legal services for multinational and domestic clients.
Advice on taxation and clients tax risks.
Representation and defense against criminal offenses in business.
Legal services relating to all rights on real estate.
Legal counseling, both employers, smaller or larger, and employees.
Protection of intellectual property rights, in all its forms.
We allow athletes to deal only with themselves and their appearance in sports.
We provide daily and general legal support in all areas of operations of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, drug manufacturers and pharmacists themselves.
Comprehensive legal assistance for family legal cases.
Legal counseling on the rights of information technology, and protection of them.
Representing clients in various court, extra-judicial and other procedures.
Representation and defense against criminal offenses in business.

Corporate law


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm advises on the full range of legal issues involved in domestic and international business operations. Our attorneys serve a wide range of clients, from global corporations to emerging start-ups and family businesses operating in numerous industry sectors.

We provide comprehensive legal services backed by extensive experience in the business area. We assist at every stage of business, including providing counseling on choice of entity structure, regulatory compliance issues, including daily operational procedures, corporate governance, strategic business growth issues, including corporate finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions and exit strategies.

Our attorneys handle legal issues relating to compensation, business formation, shareholder agreements, commercial contracts, corporate finance, regulatory compliance, labor and employment issues, and taxation, among numerous others.

The hallmarks of our practice are our ability to become immersed in our clients’ business, to quickly and thoroughly understand its operations, environment, and unique culture, and to develop an efficient plan to achieve its business goals.

Tax law


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm provides legal services related to tax issues that provide continuous and permanent advising to taxpayers, whether they are legal or natural persons. We also advise and represent our clients in regular tax procedures before domestic tax authorities, but also in complex cross-border tax issues arising by contracts on international business cooperation and bilateral investment contracts involving tax authorities in several jurisdictions, as well as in civil proceedings, procedures of mediation and procedures before arbitration in connection with tax obligations.

Our tax services are grouped into the following main areas:

  • Tax planning;
  • Tax aspects of transactions and business restructurings;
  • Direct tax advisory (corporate/personal income taxation);
  • Indirect tax advisory (VAT/Customs);
  • Tax litigation;

Criminal defense


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm provides legal services related to commercial criminal defense. Our lawyers have a wide range of experience in efficiently and effectively representing businesses and people in complex criminal examinations and civil and regulatory processes about commercial crimes.

These matters include, but are not limited to the following types of matters:

  • Securities fraud;
  • Antitrust violations;
  • Financial investigations;
  • Other investigations and criminal representations;

Real Estate


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm provides legal services in all area of real estate rights.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, or you are a party in a real estate law dispute, or contemplating a real estate transaction, it is important to know your rights. Real estate laws encompass a broad range of issues in relation to property law that you may have never thought about before, such as easement disputes, foreclosures, property taxes, neighbor relations, property deeds, real estate warranties, different types of mortgages, insurance, landlord and tenant matters, issues related to buying and selling real estate.

For more information and advice on real estate transactions, insurance, disputes and rentals, you can contact us.

Labor law


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm provides legal services in all areas and aspects of rights, obligations and responsibilities arising from an employment relationship or relationship that otherwise defines all forms of work and work engagement. Our attorneys have gained a sensitive and broad experience in this area of ​​law representing equally employers, the smaller one as they are more specific but also the larger one whose employing hundreds of employees, as well as employees, on the basis of different requests or violations and breaches of their labor rights.

Legal services related to the provision of services in the field of labor law relate to the following areas:

  • Preparation of general acts (rulebooks, labor contracts and other acts and contracts);
  • Mediation and negotiation in resolving disputed issues between employers and employees;
  • Representation of employers and employees in proceedings concerning discrimination, harassment, payment of salaries and other compensation, violation of work obligation and/or working discipline, dismissal and dismissal proceedings;
  • Representation of employers and employees before relevant labor inspection;

Representation of employers in procedures for sending employees to temporary work abroad (detachment, etc.);

IP Rights


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm has special knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property legal protection. As the creations of the human spirit and mind represent intellectual property, and as the form of abuse of the same today is increasingly present, with the special development of information technologies, social networks and the Internet, there is a frequent need for legal counseling and advocacy in this area.

We would especially like to point out the field of copyright law that protects some of the author’s works, such as: books, brochures, musical works, drama works; as well as works related to copyright such as: rights interpreters, the rights of freelance publishers, the rights of phonograph producers, video shows, databases. Industrial property rights include: patent (invention), industrial design, trademark (logo), sign of geographical origin of products, know-how, etc., in relation to which we also provide expert legal assistance.

If you are the creator of some copyright or related copyright law and want to protect it or someone has infringed any of your copyright or property rights in connection with your work, please be free to contact us so that our expert team will provide you with adequate legal assistance.

Sports law


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm has comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of legal counseling for clients such as amateur and professional players, coaches, referees and officials, leagues, governing bodies of the sports industry, athletics administrators, educational institutions, and sports facility owners and operators, sports broadcasters, sports equipment manufacturers, sports medicine care providers and businesses that sponsor athletic events or athletes.

We have represented numerous professional athletes regarding labor and employment provisions, contracts, federal and state tax, and worker’s compensation law.

Pharmaceutical law


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm provides legal services in all areas of pharmaceutical business. As the realm of pharmacy continues to evolve and expand, more and more regulations are introduced. Federal and state agencies are tasked with licensing pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers and pharmacists. With such stringent rules, regulations and licensing requirements, many of the pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers and pharmacists seek out pharmacist attorneys who are well versed in pharmacy rules and regulations.

If a pharmacist, a pharmacy, a wholesaler or a manufacturer has an issue, our attorneys, experts in the field of pharmacy law, will, after reviewing applicable rules and regulations, find answers to complex problems, no matter how seemingly small or overwhelmingly large the problem may be.

Family law


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm seeks to obtain the best results for its clients, and to provide quality family law services at a reasonable cost. Our attorneys are committed to settling cases early in the proceedings without sacrificing our client’s interests. However, if litigation is necessary, the attorneys at “Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Office are very experienced and aggressively seek to obtain the best results for our clients. In striving to provide the highest degree of service, professionalism and integrity, we offer full-service family law counsel.

The family law attorneys at the “Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Office have experience in a variety of areas of the law in order to provide our clients with a more comprehensive base of knowledge for their family law cases. Our clients have found it to be very beneficial to utilize attorneys that understand real property, contracts and other related areas of law when a complex situation needs unwinding.

Our experienced and trusted attorneys will represent your interests in all areas of family law and divorce issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce;
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony;
  • Property division;
  • Child custody and support;
  • Modifications of orders;
  • Relocations;
  • Paternity;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Probate proceedings;

Digital law


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm provides legal services in area of information technologies rights.

We consider that information technologies are one of the most dynamic and innovative industries nowadays. In such a fast-paced industry, in-depth understanding of the industry is what ideally positions our lawyers to provide top-notch commercial legal advice for complex projects within the technology sector. Our team is versed in advising a range of matters encompassing software, hardware and technology transfers.

Our team integrates a wide range of competencies from intellectual property, employment, corporate, finance and tax, regulatory and commercial practices.

Dispute Resolution


“Vidovic-Andjelkovic”Law Firm has a comprehensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of initiating, managing and ending various types of court (civil and executive), administrative and other procedures.

Our lawyers are distinguished by the many years of experience in representing clients, legal and natural persons, before the basic, higher, appellate and administrative court, due to various disputes and proceedings against other legal and natural persons, state bodies or organizations that exercise public authority. We particularly emphasize the quality of the previous assessment of the overall legal situation of the individual situation and always avoid the client being exposed to any court costs, if there is no prospect for success in the procedure. In case you intend to sue or think about whether you would have success in the eventual proceedings, or, on the other hand, you want to effectively defend yourself in one of the proceedings in the capacity of the respondent, contact us.

Dispute resolution is one of the basics of lawyer and, in that sense, we are the most engaged in this field of our work.



“Vidovic-Andjelkovic” Law Firm has special knowledge and practice in field of all aspects of indemnification for all kinds of suffered damages by auto accident, premises liability, medical malpractice, wrongful death case and all other damage sources.

Unlike other law firms, you’ll speak directly with an attorney who is familiar with the details and progress of your case. We answer our own phones, and you will never have to speak with a secretary or paralegal as a go-between. Our hands-on approach means that you will get personalized attention. We’re also experienced negotiators and litigators who are ready to deal with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, and others so you can focus on healing.

When you or someone you love has been hurt, your whole world might be turned upside down. You should be worrying about your recovery, not wondering who will pay the medical bills from a crash that someone else caused or figuring out how to drum up the money to pay for expensive car repairs. We’re here to help you get through this challenging process so you can move on with your life.

We offer free case evaluations. When you’re searching for a personal injury attorney to handle your case, you want it to be the right fit. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the options in person or over the phone. If you hire us, we’ll get started on your case by gathering facts about your accident.

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